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Online learning has reached a tipping point from Kindergarten to college.  In every survey from elementary school to high school to college, the number of online course enrollments continues to increase by roughly 30% each year since surveys began in 2001 (Clark, 2001 – http://www.wested.org/online_pubs/virtualschools.pdf ; Sloan Consortium, 2003 - http://sloanconsortium.org/publications/survey/index.asp  ). 

Blended teaching and learning is critical to engage students at every level of learning – whether face-to-face or online.

Every student should have access to high quality and engaging online courses in addition to or in place of high quality and engaging face-to-face courses.  Every school, school district, college and educational agency should have a plan to provide online options for all students.  Online Learning VISIONS was developed to be an independent voice to provide educational institutions with the strategic assistance to provide long term plans so that every student has access to quality online courses.  Does your school or district or college or educational agency have a plan for online learning for your students?


Dr. Rob Darrow, the founder of Online Learning VISIONS, has researched, led and developed full time and part time online programs in California since 2000.  In addition, his recent dissertation was about online charter schools, student achievement and at-risk youth.  He is passionate about having online courses accessible for every student, yet, he understands the importance of long range planning to achieve this goal as well as the educational structures and infrastructure that need to be in place in order to have long term success. 

Rob’s Educational Journey – A Note from Rob

I began my educational career as a Kindergarten teacher in Southern California in 1979.  Since then, I have taught every grade level from Kindergarten to eighth grade and have implemented both part time and full time online high school courses.  I have served as a teacher, library media teacher, coordinator of libraries and textbooks, grant developer, project manager, vice principal, and principal.  As a lifelong learner, I have continued to pursue advanced degrees in educational leadership including an MA from San Jose State, a Library Media Teacher Degree from Fresno Pacific University, and a Doctorate from Fresno State University.  In 2011, I retired from the Clovis Unified School District in Clovis, Ca after serving in four different school districts throughout California for 33 years.  I then worked for the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (www.inacol.org) for two years. In the next stage of my educational journey, I look forward to interacting and collaborating with educators at all levels to advance online learning, blended learning, competency education and online charter school options throughout the U.S.   

Rob’s Personal Learning Network

Part of what informs my direction is the incredible people and ideas from those in my Personal Learning Network (PLN).  I have listed some of them below:

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