Services Include:

  • LGBT History Planning and Professional Learning
  • Planning and Discernment
  • Research and Surveys
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Implementation and Support Structures
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Development
  • Customized Research and Reports
  • Cost Analysis
  • Partnership and Sustainability Options

Online Learning VISIONS collaborates with schools, school districts, educational agencies, and colleges for planning and implementation of online and blended learning courses for students as well as strategic professional learning for administrators and teachers regarding LGBT history. We can help your institution leverage the power of online learning as well as building on your knowledge from idea to collaborative planning to strategic plan and implementation to long-term sustainability. We believe that every student should have access to high quality online courses and that every student should see themselves in the curriculum. Ultimately, we know that students are more engaged in learning when they see themselves in the curriculum.

Online Learning News

November 22nd
ABOUT 60 SJK(T) Kampung Jebong Lama pupils in Taiping were given the opportunity to learn the workings of a car engine during a workshop at the school. Organised by three engineers, S. Sivananthan, P. Shankar Ganesh and P. Murugalogeswaran, from automobil…
November 21st
Understanding this need, learning platform Udacity, with its nanodegree programmes, has made the right inroads into skilling professionals through its partnerships with companies such as Infosys and Google. A nanondegree at Udacity is essentially a short …
November 21st
As part of an innovative initiative to gather data on how students engage with Alexa and to encourage students to build Alexa skills, Arizona State ...
November 21st
The digital revolution has given rise to many new brand categories in India, some of which have been heavily contributing to the overall advertising spends in India. For instance, e-commerce has emerged as a major advertising category and is a top contrib…
November 21st
Singer Nicole Scherzinger proved she could rival Mariah Carey in the festive performance stakes on Tuesday night as she performed at the Rosewood Hotel's charity bash. The 39-year-old X Factor judge gave a show-stopping performance at the event in London …
November 21st
Unless you've been living in a literal cave, you know how important it is to speak multiple languages. But let's be real: learning a second or even third ...
November 21st
Operation Next brings market leaders in manufacturing training together in a full-service online learning platform that soldiers can access before leaving the service, accelerating their transition into civilian manufacturing careers. The hybrid training …
November 21st
... while producers are encouraged to ensure they fully understand the changes by completing the online learning now, the need to do the assessment ...
November 21st
“Imagine learning to speak, read, and write a language that you have never heard spoken and for which no oral records exist,” she says. “It's a human ...
November 21st
... Tuesday said technology had brought a lot of change in the way the young generation was playing chess. Speaking about how technology has re-defined the game, Anand said, “There is a huge shift. The experience of watching chess has gone online. L…

Updated:  March 2015