Services Include:

  • Planning and Discernment
  • Research and Surveys
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Implementation and Support Structures
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Development
  • Customized Research and Reports
  • Cost Analysis
  • Partnership and Sustainability Options

Online Learning VISIONS collaborates with schools, school districts, educational agencies, and colleges for planning and implementation of online and blended learning courses for students. We can help your institution leverage the power of online learning from idea to collaborative planning to strategic plan and implementation to long-term sustainability. We believe that every student should have access to high quality online courses. With the implementation of the Common Core Standards, every teacher will want to become a blended learning teacher.

Online Learning News

September 21st
“This method of learning, which is known as Peer Learning or Peer Learning Students-Interaction-Students, involves sharing their skills to solve ...
September 21st
Distance learning usually means the course is taken online. There are also print-based options which involve submitting work through the mail, but ...
September 21st
Students get the opportunity to further develop their independent learning skills through the integration of latest technology and e-learning ...
September 21st
An e-learning platform created by Sydney start-up company OpenLearning has been selected by the Malaysian government for an ambitious ...
September 21st
The most exciting event of last week was undoubtedly the listing of Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba Group Holding, on the New York Stock ...
September 21st
Watch Broncos vs Seahawks Live Stream Online Free ... vs Seattle Seahawks Live Stream Online “I think everybody is learning.
September 21st
Toddlers learn words differently as they age, and a limit exists as to how many words they can learn each day, according to a new study. Pictures: ...
September 21st
... something new has been added.” Because, Proverbs 18:15: “Wise men are always learning.” Then, Genesis 19:5: “We can have our sport with them ...
September 20th
Educational seminars are offered locally, regionally and nationally. ... In addition, ABWA also offers an exclusive online learning program, the ...
September 20th
The University of Cincinnati has a similar partnership with Follett for includEd, said Chris Edwards, the university's vice president of e-learning ...

Updated:  May 2014