Services Include:

  • Planning and Discernment
  • Research and Surveys
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Implementation and Support Structures
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Development
  • Customized Research and Reports
  • Cost Analysis
  • Partnership and Sustainability Options

Online Learning VISIONS collaborates with schools, school districts, educational agencies, and colleges for planning and implementation of online and blended learning courses for students. We can help your institution leverage the power of online learning from idea to collaborative planning to strategic plan and implementation to long-term sustainability. We believe that every student should have access to high quality online courses. With the implementation of the Common Core Standards, every teacher will want to become a blended learning teacher.

Online Learning News

December 18th
The new ordering option will give scouts the chance to learn a number of ... Scouts make the initial ask, with the option to market their online cookie ...
December 18th
This Online Hockey Academy platform is aimed at helping the coaches sitting in different parts of the country to learn the new tricks, strategies and ...
December 18th
Students participate in classroom instruction, drills in the field, and online learning. The uniformed recruits and their top-brass mentors filed into the ...
December 18th
There's a lot being written about 1-to-1 device programs, online learning, and blended-learning in schools, but none of those high-tech experiments ...
December 18th
... today announced that it will transition all of its exam preparation courses to Open edX, an online learning environment, beginning in January 2015.
December 18th
Nurse trainers, facilitators and mentors benefit from health IT modules and course templates that showcase effective online learning. By experimenting ...
December 18th
... this country's Best Online Colleges 2014 by Best Value Schools ("BVS"), a leading resource for online learning and college affordability information.
December 18th
The degrees are considered a next step in online learning. Dropping conventional semester or intersession time boundaries, students earn class ...
December 18th
Last week, Khan Academy – a free online education tool – launched on ... Adding a learning app to the console goes one step further in separating the ...
December 18th
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Udemy, the leading global marketplace for learning and teaching online, announced today that it ...

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